My May Post 2017

What we can offer you now.

5 min “How to Believe”  with Pastor Dennis A. Grootfaam video`s

Topic`s are; The 7 basic trute of how to believe.  Be aware of who you are ?  How to prepare yourself to believe.  Your Body and it senses in the process to believe.  Your Soul and it senses in the process to believe. Your Spirit and it senses in the process to believe.  Believe in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and good engels. Write down your plan. Do it, do what? Believe.  How to buy or videos.

  • We can rent out to you a web page for $25,- a year.
  • Sent your emails to more than 5000 people, twist for the price . It can be your text, photo, video or link.
  • You will have a subscriber role, username and password for you web page on or website.
  • Place your advertisement on our Home page, Every page side bare.

What  you can offer us.

  • Payment for or service to you.
  • A good Pay per Click website that is no scam. Because a lot of them are scam and have note as:  Not supported by your country or country not supported”. And don`t pay out.
  • A online job with no first deposit or gambles, games, casino and auto-pilot trade machine thing.

How we like you to pay us out.                                                                                                                                                                  The payment to us will be through Paypal and Western Union Money Transfer Suriname. Email us for the payment for a video.